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At Hybrid Athletic, we don't rely on a single school of thought when it comes to fitness training. Rather, we believe in an inclusive philosophy that allows multiple styles of training to be utilized and optimized to their fullest potential, depending on the client and circumstance. This philosophy is what we call: The Three Corners. This overarching philosophy proposes that overall athleticism can be derived from three main elements of physical development: physical strength, explosive ability/speed, and muscular endurance. Progression in any or all of these three areas, in turn, increases an individuals overall athletic ability; and progression in any area is never limited to a single style/type of training. By weaving this philosophy into the foundation of each of our custom and pre-made fitness programs, we ensure our clients a well-rounded and efficient path of progression in their fitness goals, that doesn't limit them in the styles of training they wish to use. Wether it's a bodybuilding/hypertrophy focus, powerlifting/strength focus, or calisthenics type focus you wish to take in your training, Hybrid Athletic has the capability to accommodate your specifications and produce an effective program/plan to help you succeed. Strength, Speed, and Endurance comprise what we believe to be the primary components of athleticism, and the core philosophy of Hybrid Athletic as a company. This is also represented by the three separate vertices/corners of the Hybrid Athletic Triangle Logo.


Strength is the body's ability to create internal tension, to produce force on an external object or load. It dictates how much and what type of weight our body is able manipulate, and how efficiently it can do so. For an athlete, this ability is always in high demand. Wether it's fighting for possession in soccer,  boxing-out in basketball, or achieving a new weightlifting PR, strength always plays a crucial role in an athletes performance.

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