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Medicine Ball Throw Workout


Hybrid-style training to help you maximize your health & unlock your full athletic potential  

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In-person Training

1-on-1 In-Person Personal Training

  • Includes free consultation & custom program design

  • Our most direct & hands-on training option

  • From the comfort of your own home, park, or open gym

*Available within Austin, TX city limits*

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Online Coaching

1-on-1 Structured Remote Personal Training

  • Includes free consultation & custom program design

  • Weekly check-ins & progress tracking

  • Face-to-face video sessions with exercise demos and coaching

*Available anywhere you have access to a computer/smart phone*

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Training Programs

Downloadable Pre-made Training Programs

  • Complete macro-cycle breakdown for exercises, sets & reps

  • Detailed explanation of training tips & program methodology

  • Nutritional guidance to help aid your recovery & performance

*Complete at your own pace* 


Resting Between Workouts

Why Hybrid Athletic?

From 'Day 1' to your 'Ultimate Self'

Hybrid Athletic provides you with all the tools you need to help you look, feel, and perform better than you ever have. Build the physique you've always dreamed of, develop the athletic capacity you've always wanted & create the healthy lifestyle you deserve with our hybrid-style training approach.

Convenience & Reliability

You no longer need to worry about WHEN your next workout will be, or WHAT you should be doing to make sure it's a quality session. We've got you covered with face-to-face coaching, nutritional guidance, weekly check-ins, & custom tailored programing to ensure that you stay on track.

Hybrid Methodology Approach

'Hybrid-style' training means that we don't discriminate between different training methodologies and systems when crafting your custom program. Instead we carefully select the best exercises & techniques from various methodologies to give you based on your unique training goals and lifestyle demands.


Founder & Coach, Jackson Helling

My Story:

Hi, my name is Jackson. Founder of Hybrid Athletic, avid fitness lover, and coach with a passion for helping others fulfill their fitness goals. I created Hybrid Athletic with the mission of providing anyone from seasoned athlete to aspiring lifter with an effective & educational system to help them look, feel, and perform better than they ever have. 

As a cancer survivor from the age of 19, health & fitness has garnered a very close spot in my heart for many reasons. Most notably, it helped me overcome years of severe depression, anxiety, and partial paralysis in my left shoulder post cancer surgery. As well as additional difficulties involved with radioactive treatment & ineffective medication in years following. Leaning on fitness through these experiences transformed what started as a strong interest of mine into a life-altering passion tied to a much larger purpose of self-fulfillment and growth.


Being alive & able to keep enjoying that passion and share that same sense of purpose with others is what keeps me driven and inspired to show up each day and chase progress with my clients.

Ive spent over 4 years professionally as a personal trainer/coach working to improve my craft both independently and employed through companies like Equinox in Austin, TX where I was born and raised. Additionally Ive accumulated 10+ years of experience with training on my own through school, sports, certifications & self study to gain insight into the best methods to utilize in my training systems. What i've found is that there is no one 'best' style of training, rather best practices/principles within each type that can pulled from and utilized together depending on the context of each individuals goals. This is what encapsulates Hybrid Athletic's 'Hybrid approach' to training, and I'm incredibly excited to use this platform to share it with you.

Thank you taking the time to hear my story, and even more so for choosing Hybrid Athletic as your preferred resource for training programs and coaching. I wish you all the best in your training journey and hope to see you soon, either personally or virtually, so we can get to work on creating your best self! Lets keep working 💪

In good health, 

- Jackson H.

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